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'engineering' fun and teambuilding has always been a passion and a way of life. it was after running a myriad of teambuilding events in singapore and overseas retreats that we decided to pursue our passion as creators of fun, and thus team anergy teambuilding was birthed in early 2003. today, on top of doing teambuilding, anergy has the ability to manage a wide range of corporate events.

precisely because anergy is not a huge corporation with massive fixed overheads, we do not charge you exorbitant rates! what anergy offers instead, is value-for-money, service-oriented teambuilding solutions, tailored to suit your needs. when you deal with us, you can expect prompt replies, personalised service and creative ideas.

based in singapore, we have run teambuilding projects for clients, mostly MNCs from Singapore, Hong Kong and India. We have conducted teambuilding sessions for, and are familiar with working with participants from all over the world including, Australia, Austria, China, England, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, U.S.A. and Vietnam. click here to view some of our teambuilding clients.

we aim to be the preferred teambuilding partner of companies in Singapore and Asia.

02 änergy philosophy


We endeavour to assist our clients in creating a favourable and productive work environment by cultivating positive behaviour within employees through our brand of interactive and experiential team building programmes.


We persist to be at the helm of providing fun, creative and purposeful teambuilding programmes, offering the widest choice of indoor and outdoor activities through our continuing research and development of new ideas.

  1. Respect - holding ourselves in high esteem, showing regard for others

  2. Adventurous Spirit - having mettle and spirit to face challenges, with knowledge that creativity, innovation and calculated risks are key factors that keep us ahead of competition

  3. Passion - expectancy and initiative towards great things to come and zealous pursuit of being a positive influence to those around us

  4. Integrity - we honour God in our dealings; take courage to do what is honourable; and strength to admit our mistakes

  5. Diligence - exercising care and attentiveness so as to deliver high standards in what we put our hands to

  6. Trust - confidence in the abilities of each one and belief that everyone wants to excel for the benefit of the company


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