why play team building games?

people are the most valuable assets of any organisation. people - humans - have been created with the capacity to achieve beyond boundaries, but, the catch is that not everyone comes close to unleashing their latent potential. why so, you may ask? does playing games during team building sessions help?

oftentimes, mentoring and support is essential for a person to realise his potential. each individual’s ability to learn and change, and to subsequently put more energy into their work, very much stems from how they feel about themselves. an environment where people feel valued and capable is an environment that fosters growth - and is poised for success.

any organisation intent on success should be mindful about grooming leaders and their teams, nurturing individuals and creating synergy among individuals and between teams. every individual must be empowered with skills that would directly influence their job scope, as well as skills that build camaraderie across job scopes.

playing games (or team building activities) helps participants relax and intearct with their team mates without inhibitions. this is the first step to learning - participants are usually receptive to ideas during team building sessions as they are more relaxed.


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